Smart QR Codes Generator 4.0

The major version of the Smart QR Code Generator is here, and version 4.0 now has new JavaScript library for rendering QR Codes, called Kjua (from the same author as previous jQuery based library).

But, this release has a lot more changes, some related to the difference between old and new library, and some related to feature requests and things discovered during the testing. The new version has a very extensive change log, and it is important to recheck the plugin settings and layout settings after you update the plugin to the latest version.

Updated Layout Panel

With new version, plugin has support for rendering QR Code as SVG image. This is now default and prefered method of rendering. SVG is better than image, because images can be subject of cache in the browser, and sometimes, applying logo image to the QR Code will not work with the image rendering.

The rendering of the QR Code is much improved, and if you use logo image, it is now also much faster. If you notice any new bugs, please let me know.

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