Support Policy

Getting Support

Access to support is available to all license holders with valid and up to date license. To verify that you have valid license, it is required that you enter purchase code from Envato CodeCanyon Marketplace and code is stored for future use.

  • You must have valid license for a plugins you need support for. We do not provide support for products downloaded or obtained illegally without the purchased license.
  • Each purchased item has own purchase code, and one code can be registered on this website only once.
  • Purchase codes will be re-validated once a week to ensure code is not disabled (fraud purchase usually).

Envato Support Rules

All support is dictated by the Envato support policy:

  • Each license includes initial 6 months support period.
  • To access support after the initial 6 months, you need to buy support extension for your license.

Support In General

Here are some basic support rules and information. Make sure that you read this list carefully, so we can avoid problems with support and make it efficient and fast.

  • Twitter direct messages and tweets in general can’t be used for support, and all support related question sent through Twitter will be ignored.
  • Before asking for support, please read the plugin documentation and watch the demo video(s). Each plugin contains PDF user guide (and more guides if needed)
  • Before asking for support, please check item requirements and make sure that your system supports it.
  • Support related questions sent through contact form will be ignored and deleted.
  • If you have modified our plugins in any way, support can’t be provided. We support our plugins only if used in the state you have downloaded them in.
  • You also MUST use plugins downloaded from CodeCanyon alone, to avoid unauthorized modifications and make sure that we can help you at all.
  • We don’t guarantee that our plugins will work with 3rd party plugins (except if noted differently in plugin description).

Documentation and Knowledge Base

Before asking any question in support forums:

  1. Each plugin has a documentation in PDF format in the docs folder inside the plugin package.
  2. Some plugins can contain developers guide and other additional PDF files.
  3. All plugins have demo videos that offer a lot of information on how to use each plugin.
  4. Additional information is available in the Knowledge Base on this website.

WordPress Plugins Support

For WordPress plugins there are some additional support related notes.

  • PHP version older then 5.6 are not supported by any of our WordPress plugins.
  • If you use modified WordPress (changed some of the core files), and you have problems using the plugins, supportĀ can’t be provided.
  • We support use of our WordPress plugins with only official releases of WordPress!

jQuery Plugins Support

For jQuery plugins there are some additional support related notes.

  • You need basic jQuery and JavaScript knowledge.
  • All jQuery plugins require coding, and included examples are enough to start using the plugins.
  • Do not ask how to use jQuery or how to write JavaScript / jQuery code.

Using the Support Forum

SMARTPlugins team will provide support through support forum. This is main way to get support if using tutorials and documentation is not enough. Support is available during workdays, from Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 18:00 (CET or GMT+1). During this period we will respond to all support questions in the support forum.

  • Initial response in the forum inside the support online period is usually less then an 4 hours.
  • For most queries, resolution time is between 8 and 48 hours.
  • If the submitted query is more complex, response and resolution time is between 24 and 72 hours.
  • Resolution time doesn’t include weekends.

In line with the Envato / CodeCanyon support policy:

  • We guarantee initial response to support query of up to 2 business days for all supported items.
  • For items that are not supported, response time to support query is up to 5 business days.

Opening the new topic

Before you open the new topic, read this:

  • Keep on topic and in correct forum! Questions must be added to correct forums, or they will be deleted.
  • If you don’t have license for a product you need help with, don’t post questions in other open forums. Such topics will be removed.
  • Check the forum for previously discussed topics to avoid duplicating content, and to speed things up.
  • All queries in the forum are subject to support time restrictions, but you can be sure that everything will be answered as soon as possible.

What is not included in Support?

  • Installation and configuring plugins on your website or server. Each plugin comes with the installation instructions you need to follow.
  • Hosting related issues. Each plugin has system requirements included, and your server and setup must meet these requirements. For any problems you might have with your server you need to consult your hosting company.
  • Help and compatibility with 3rd party plugins. This includes code changes for specific plugin compatibility, or installing and configuring the 3rd party plugins.
  • Customization (coding) services. If you need us to customize the plugin for you, you need to contact us for hiring us for custom work for a fee.
  • Support (any type of question) for 3rd party plugins.

Fixing bugs

SMARTPlugins team will fix all reported bugs in the shortest time possible. In most cases that will be within 48 hours of the initial report, or up to 96 hours hours for more complex problems. Bug fixing process will generate new plugin releases if needed and if the bug is severe, or in case that more than one or two bugs are fixed at the time, minor version of the plugin will be released as soon as possible.