New SmartPlugins website

The new website was a long time coming, and finally it is here, using new theme, improved design, improved navigation and more relevant information.

New website design is based on the design for Dev4Press website, and I have used a lot of the visual elements from the theme I made for the Dev4Press on the same basic theme.

Front page of the new website

New website has 3 main subdomains:

Additionally, there is one more demo website for Smart Audio Playlists plugin. New website is better optimized, easier to navigate and it will be regularly maintained, with blog that will have much more activity then the old one has. And, the old blog is completely removed, so it is starting from zero.

The new website is just a first phase in the overhaul of the SMARTPlugins. This will include more regular updates to all the plugins and fundamental changes to some of the plugins (more information will be available is separate blog post).

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