Changelog for

Smart Timer And Counter

jQuery Mega Countdown Plugin

4.1 / 2020.06.12

  • Updated: Tested with jQuery 3.5.1
  • Updated: refactoring some jQuery event handlers
  • Updated: various improvements to the plugin core
  • Updated: removed several instances of unused variables
  • Fixed: few instances of wrongly used animation speed value

4.0 / 2019.04.23

  • Added: All additional skins included in the main package
  • Added: All the extra demos for all the skins
  • Added: Dropdown used for the demo navigation control
  • Added: Additional installation packs for various added skins
  • Updated: Improved CSS minfication using CSSO engine
  • Updated: JavaScript only minified, no longer using packer
  • Updated: Improved demo examples and installation instructions
  • Updated: Many improvements to the core JavaScript
  • Updated: Various changes to file names for better consistency
  • Updated: Demo CSS and JS files moved to own location
  • Updated: Works with jQuery 3, tested with jQuery 3.4
  • Updated: Some distribution and pack file names are changed
  • Fixed: Several minor language related constructs
  • Fixed: Some basic skins were not minfied

3.5 / 2017.08.23

  • Added: Option for clock mode can display AM/PM badge
  • Added: Folder ‘start’ with the basic ‘light.html’ example page
  • Updated: All skins improved to support AM/PM badge element
  • Updated: Styling improved to support AM/PM badge element
  • Updated: Works with jQuery 3, tested with jQuery 3.2.1
  • Updated: Third party library updated jQuery Knob 1.2.13
  • Fixed: Reset method now properly updates the timer display

3.4 / 2016.11.30

  • Added: Method to add time to Timer Counter mode while working

3.3 / 2016.10.07

  • Updated: Works with jQuery 3, tested with jQuery 3.1.1
  • Updated: Some small updates to plugin demos
  • Updated: PDF Documentation

3.2 / 2016.06.01

  • Updated: Third party library updated jQuery Knob 1.2.12
  • Updated: Default jQuery loaded by demos is now 1.12.4
  • Updated: Works with jQuery 3, tested with jQuery 3.0.0 RC1
  • Updated: Works with jQuery 2, tested with jQuery 2.2.4

3.1.1 / 2015.06.11

  • Fixed: Numbers counter issue with out of place thousands separator

3.1 / 2015.03.11

  • Added: Timer Target mode can have start value other than 0
  • Added: Clock mode has option for adding GMT time offset
  • Updated: Removed some unuased code in main Timer object

3.0 / 2015.01.15

  • Added: Plugin is reorganized to support modules
  • Added: New Module: Number based counters
  • Added: New Skin: Plain
  • Added: New Separator: Comma
  • Added: New element based instance stored in data attribute
  • Added: Several more demo pages with many examples
  • Updated: Many updates to core objects and functions
  • Updated: All skins updated for latest core changes
  • Updated: Third party library updated jQuery Knob 1.2.11
  • Updated: Updates to some of the plugin demos
  • Fixed: Minor mapping issue with the custom skin
  • Fixed: Some overlap calls for extended skins
  • Fixed: Mobile CSS minimized dist file wrong name

2.7 / 2014.05.10

  • Added: Counter mode allows blocks with one digit only
  • Added: Portuguese language translation file
  • Updated: Few small changes to the core classes
  • Updated: Third party library updated jQuery Knob 1.2.8
  • Fixed: Few instances of using vars that are not initialized

2.6 / 2014.03.01

  • Added: English Short language translation file
  • Added: Inline skin option to change digits/labels spacer
  • Added: Inline skin has two new bold styles available
  • Updated: Small improvements to included examples files
  • Updated: Third party library updated jQuery Knob 1.2.6
  • Fixed: Inline skin was still recalculating width
  • Fixed: Adding broken CSS class if the style is not set

2.5 / 2014.01.25

  • Added: Basic Italian language translation file
  • Added: Functions to parse UI related settings used by some skins
  • Added: Fully functional un-styled Base skin in the Core
  • Added: Set start date for countdown for completed calculations
  • Added: Method to get current clock or counter values
  • Added: Method to get current ID of the element
  • Added: Event for change on every 60 seconds (or custom value)
  • Added: Demo to show some of the events related use
  • Updated: Many changes to rendering for more flexibility
  • Updated: Many improvements to all the demos
  • Updated: Improvements for some of the events callbacks
  • Updated: Improvements to the methods getting label names
  • Updated: Small improvements for every default skin
  • Updated: Changes to the way countdown starts and stops
  • Updated: Third party library updated jQuery Knob 1.2.4
  • Deleted: Removed some unused methods related to languages
  • Fixed: Some skins had invalid default style set

2.1 / 2014.01.03

  • Added: Unique sequence CSS class for each timer on the page
  • Added: Option to blink dividers every second
  • Updated: All skins use improved change method of main skin object
  • Fixed: All skins applied label changes even when not needed
  • Fixed: Issue with the rendering in some rare cases
  • Fixed: Several styling problems with the demo files
  • Fixed: Few general problems with the plugin demos

2.0 / 2013.11.24

  • Added: New Skin: Custom
  • Added: Counter Mode: new method ‘Elapsed’
  • Added: Examples page for Custom Skin
  • Updated: Expanded existing list of examples
  • Updated: Improvements to all examples
  • Updated: jQuery Knob to version 1.2.2
  • Fixed: Minor issues with some of the examples
  • Fixed: Few problems with Circular Skin settings

1.0 / 2013.11.07

  • First release