Changelog for

Smart Cleanup Tools

Plugin for WordPress

5.2 / 2023.01.25

  • New: tested with WordPress 6.0 and 6.1
  • New: tested with PHP 8.1 and 8.2
  • New: major change to the admin side layout and styling
  • New: many changes to the plugin core code organization
  • New: many improvements to the code syntax and formatting
  • New: rewritten most of the plugin styling
  • New: use of the SASS to generate styling files
  • Updated: minimal requirement: WordPress 5.5
  • Updated: minimal requirement: PHP 7.3
  • Updated: modifications to the styling to rely more on default styling
  • Updated: Flatpickr Library 4.6.13
  • Fix: several issues related to PHP 8.x
  • Fix: missing records info button for some tools

5.1 / 2022.03.06

  • Updated: minimal requirement: WordPress 5.3
  • Updated: minimal requirement: PHP 7.2
  • Updated: more escaping of attribute and HTML values
  • Updated: various updates to PHP code
  • Fixed: wrong use of ternary operator with PHP 7.1+
  • Fixed: minor issues with rendering some cleanup tools boxes

5.0 / 2021.03.22

  • Updated: minimal requirement: WordPress 5.0
  • Updated: minimal requirement: PHP 7.0
  • Updated: using WordPress code style
  • Updated: code inheritance improvements
  • Updated: safe use: _ replaced with esc_html_ and esc_attr__
  • Updated: safe use: _e replaced with esc_html_e and esc_attr_e
  • Updated: most of the JavaScript code has been rewritten

4.9 / 2020.06.13

  • Updated: DB Overhead tool shows additional help message
  • Updated: Plugin requires WordPress 4.9 or newer
  • Updated: Various core code improvements and cleanup
  • Updated: Several styling improvements for newer WP versions
  • Updated: Various improvements to the plugin JavaScript
  • Updated: Flatpickr Library 4.6.3
  • Fixed: Quick Cleanup button enabled even when there is nothing to run
  • Fixed: DB Overhead tool was enabled even if it was not available
  • Fixed: DB Overhead tool always showing 0 size for the cleanup

4.8 / 2019.04.21

  • Updated: Improved JS and CSS organization
  • Updated: Flatpickr Library 4.5.7
  • Updated: File name of the plugin updated
  • Updated: Readme file expanded with more information
  • Updated: POT translation file updated with missing strings
  • Updated: Plugin documentation

4.7 / 2018.08.10

  • Added: extra explanation for the Quick Cleanup
  • Added: removal tool for unapproved comment removal
  • Updated: few tweaks to auto enabled cleanup tools
  • Deleted: removed cleanup tool for unapproved comment removal
  • Deleted: removed obsolete GravityForms cleanup tools

4.6 / 2017.05.07

  • Added: plugin front page uses new layout and shows more information
  • Added: jQuery SumoSelect library for multi select dropdowns
  • Added: Flatpickr library for scheduler first run selection
  • Updated: orphaned relationships records now ignores NetGen Gallery tags
  • Updated: various styling improvements for the cleanup and reset cards
  • Updated: various small core improvements in many plugin areas
  • Updated: plugin now requires WordPress 4.0 or newer
  • Updated: plugin now requires PHP 5.3 or newer
  • Deleted: removed jQueryUI library used for dialogs and multiselects
  • Deleted: removed all outdated code and unused files
  • Fixed: minor issue with the Quick Cleanup tool on plugin front page

4.5 / 2016.07.13

  • Added: cleanup tool for removing WooCommerce sessions in options table
  • Updated: queries for transient and site transient cleanup tools

4.4 / 2015.12.27

  • Added: removal tool for removing post meta records with no value
  • Added: removal tool for removing comment meta records with no value
  • Updated: several small updates to some admin side styling
  • Deleted: removed cleanup tool for empty post meta removal
  • Deleted: removed cleanup tool for empty comment meta removal
  • Fixed: missing several translation strings in POT file

4.3.3 / 2015.08.24

  • Fixed: problem with displaying details for some cleanup tools

4.3.2 / 2015.04.13

  • Fixed: memory exhaused error with some cleanup operation
  • Fixed: missing WP internal cache flush for some cleanups

4.3.1 / 2015.04.05

  • Updated: minor changes to the cleanup worker class
  • Fixed: warning for missing class name with scheduled cleanups

4.3 / 2014.12.08

  • Updated: posts draft cleanup tool moved to removal panel
  • Updated: better cleanup size estimation for some tools
  • Updated: several minor visual changes and improvements
  • Fixed: wrong ID for the toolbar activity checkbox settings
  • Fixed: saving toolbar activity option for multisite

4.2 / 2014.08.24

  • Added: WordPress toolbar quick cleanup access menu
  • Added: toolbar quick cleanup: remove all rewrite rules
  • Added: toolbar quick cleanup: remove all transients
  • Added: log cleanup job run through Smart Security Tools
  • Fixed: missing several translation strings in POT file
  • Fixed: several styling issues related to multisite mode
  • Fixed: several minor styling issues with the UI

4.1 / 2014.05.08

  • Added: reset tool to remove posts edit lock keys
  • Added: cron jobs can use selected reset tools too
  • Added: some jobs now have additional popup information
  • Updated: internal control for tools available for scheduler
  • Updated: many changes to the plugin core loader class
  • Updated: jQueryUI 1.10.4
  • Updated: compatibility with WordPress 3.9
  • Fixed: several styling issues with WordPress 3.9

4.0 / 2013.09.18

  • Added: one click cleanup from plugin front page
  • Added: plugin now has own admin menu and submenus
  • Added: panel for filtered data removal tools
  • Added: removal – attachments with missing files
  • Added: removal – attachments with missing parent posts
  • Added: removal – attachments that are not attached
  • Added: removal – missing post types posts
  • Added: removal – missing taxonomies terms
  • Added: removal – unassigned taxonomy terms
  • Added: removal – all available taxonomy terms
  • Improved: many improvements to the plugin interface
  • Improved: more information added to various panels
  • Improved: removal of Akismet data removes error records
  • Changed: logs deletion moved from reset to logs panel
  • Changed: comments related reset tools moved to removal
  • Changed: main execution moved into own worker class
  • Changed: admin interface controls moved into own class
  • Updated: jQueryUI Timepicker 1.4
  • Fixed: detection of the network specific database tables
  • Fixed: deletion of log files for network

3.2 / 2013.08.02

  • Added: tool to remove terms not connected to any taxonomy
  • Improved: scheduled job editor shows proper creation messages
  • Fixed: problem with use of admin side only functions

3.1 / 2013.06.01

  • Added: tool to remove all oEmbed cached post meta records
  • Improved: cleanup results calculation of removed records
  • Changed: database overhead tool is now always active by default
  • Fixed: problem with removal of orphaned post revisions records

3.0 / 2013.05.25

  • Added: tool to remove all orphaned relationships records
  • Added: tools for import and export of plugin settings
  • Added: show detailed popup analysis results for some of the tools
  • Added: options to fully disable some of the cleanup tools
  • Added: option to show cleanup summary for all active tools
  • Added: option to auto hide all tools that are inactive
  • Added: estimated size for the network mode tools
  • Improved: estimate size calculation for most of the tools
  • Improved: expanded descriptions for some of the tools
  • Improved: look and fill for layouts of all plugin panels
  • Improved: set tools dropdowns disabled if tools is disabled
  • Updated: jQueryUI 1.10.3
  • Updated: jQueryUI Timepicker 1.3
  • Fixed: several typos and some descriptions errors

2.5 / 2013.04.21

  • Added: tool to remove expired transient records
  • Added: reset tool to remove akismet comments log
  • Added: most tools display estimated records size
  • Improved: many small tweaks to the cleanup tools
  • Improved: expanded PDF user guide with more information
  • Updated: jQueryUI 1.10.2
  • Updated: jQueryUI Timepicker 1.2.2
  • Updated: jQueryUI Multiselect 1.14pre
  • Changed: WordPress 3.2 is no longer supported

2.1 / 2013.02.08

  • Added: tools to remove GravityForms spam and trash records
  • Added: filters and actions to hook into cleanup process
  • Improved: few minor changes and code cleanup
  • Improved: few more changes to the plugin styles
  • Fixed: some obsolete debug code still included

2.0 / 2013.01.07

  • Added: tools to remove draft and auto-draft posts records
  • Added: tools to remove empty commentmeta and usermeta records
  • Added: tool to remove all orphaned posts revisions
  • Added: tool to remove all unapproved comments
  • Added: reset tool to remove all pingback comments
  • Added: reset tool to remove comments user agent data
  • Added: scheduler for cleanup jobs: run once or repeatable
  • Added: scheduler for cleanup jobs: any combination of tools
  • Added: log into file: settings and panel for display log files
  • Added: log into file: sql queries for run and checkup
  • Added: log into file: reports for the cleanup executions
  • Added: some tools support selection of post type for cleanup
  • Added: context help panel with plugin important links
  • Improved: cleanup classes optimization to use less code
  • Improved: changed order for some of the cleanup tools
  • Improved: few changes to the plugin styles
  • Fixed: revisions removal was not counting closed posts
  • Fixed: admin side path problem in some cases

1.0 / 2012.12.28

  • First release