Changelog for

Smart bbPress nVerify

Plugin for WordPress and Envato Market

4.0 / 2023.01.15

  • New: tested with WordPress 6.0 and 6.1
  • New: tested with PHP 8.1 and 8.2
  • New: major change to the admin side layout and styling
  • New: many changes to the plugin core code organization
  • New: many improvements to the code syntax and formatting
  • New: rewritten most of the plugin styling
  • New: use of the SASS to generate styling files
  • New: protection templates use default bbPress wrapper
  • Updated: minimal requirement: WordPress 5.5
  • Updated: minimal requirement: PHP 7.3
  • Updated: modifications to the styling to rely more on default styling
  • Updated: various control elements for the items display
  • Updated: method for adding templates path to stack
  • Fix: broken dialog display on the admin customers panel
  • Fix: several issues related to PHP 8.x
  • Fix: many minor admin side visual issues
  • Fix: several typos in the plugin content

3.8.1 / 2021.06.12

  • Changed: Various core code improvements related to PHP 7
  • Updated: Few more improvements to the current URL function
  • Fixed: PHP 7 compatibility issue with the current URL function

3.8 / 2021.03.20

  • Updated: Support for WordPress 5.7
  • Updated: Minimal requirement: WordPress 5.0
  • Updated: Minimal requirement: PHP 7.0
  • Updated: Using WordPress code style
  • Updated: Safe use: _ replaced with esc_html_ and esc_attr__
  • Updated: Safe use: _e replaced with esc_html_e and esc_attr_e
  • Updated: Most of the JavaScript code has been rewritten
  • Changed: Using Smart Envato API Library 5.5

3.7 / 2020.06.13

  • Changed: Various core code improvements and cleanup
  • Changed: Various improvements to the plugin JavaScript
  • Changed: Using Smart Envato API Library 5.4
  • Fixed: Some minor styling issues on frontend

3.6 / 2019.03.25

  • Added: Protection of the search results
  • Added: Impact Radius Affiliates program support
  • Added: Additional information about Envato API personal token
  • Updated: Various improvements to the plugin JavaScript
  • Updated: Support for any case usernames for validation purposes
  • Updated: Plugin requires WordPress 4.5 or newer
  • Updated: Plugin requires PHP 5.6 or newer
  • Updated: HideShow Password plugin for jQuery 2.1.1
  • Updated: Using Smart Envato API 5.3
  • Fixed: Items validation fails due to the username case

3.5.1 / 2017.09.26

  • Fixed: Broken forums editing metabox for adding items

3.5 / 2017.06.06

  • Added: Option to close forum and topic RSS feeds
  • Added: Option to protect only the single reply template
  • Updated: Plugin requires WordPress 4.0 or newer
  • Updated: Plugin requires PHP 5.3 or newer
  • Updated: Improvements to the JavaScript loading
  • Updated: JavaScript only minified, no longer packed
  • Updated: Purchase code verification images
  • Updated: Various improvements to the core code
  • Removed: Unused JavaScript library
  • Removed: Legacy Envato API support

3.3 / 2016.05.15

  • Added: Option to disable support status check for purchases made before September 1, 2015
  • Added: Option to control support for retired or disabled items
  • Added: Assign purchase code to user from admin side Quick Verify panel
  • Added: Function to validate and add purchase code to any user
  • Added: Actions fired when purchase code is validated or revalidated
  • Added: Centralized validation object used by different plugin elements
  • Updated: Message displayed in plugin settings if account is not setup correctly
  • Updated: Bulk import list template for items that are no longer available
  • Updated: Improvements to detection of the Envato online status
  • Updated: Many improvements to plugin code organization
  • Updated: Small improvements in the styling for the frontend
  • Fixed: Envato API online status was not cached correctly
  • Fixed: Problem with multiple items per forum validation
  • Fixed: Problem with user meta cache after revalidation

3.2 / 2016.03.31

  • Added: Metabox for forum shows support check dropdown
  • Added: Check online status of the API and show message if down
  • Added: Template to show message if the Envato API is down
  • Added: Customers list shows if the purchase code is expired or outdated
  • Added: Tool to delete error log file
  • Updated: Using Smart Envato API 5.0
  • Fixed: Purchase code verification fails to check support expiration
  • Fixed: Purchase code revalidation wrongly marks code as supported
  • Fixed: Small register link issue with the login required template
  • Fixed: Getting current page URL when used with SSL was not valid

3.1.1 / 2015.09.09

  • Fixed: Missing function in login required template

3.1 / 2015.09.09

  • Added: Protection method: Protect only topic reply form
  • Added: More specific messages for different protection forms
  • Added: Function to check access to individual forums
  • Updated: Images for step by step Purchase Code instructions
  • Updated: Improved user profile display of purchase codes
  • Updated: Masked Input plugin for jQuery 1.4.1
  • Updated: Using Smart Envato API 4.1.1
  • Deleted: Removed jQueryUI in favor of using built-in WordPress dialog
  • Fixed: Loading of bbPress profile templates without bbPress template loader
  • Fixed: Critical error on the user profile page with list of purchase codes

3.0 / 2015.08.31

  • Added: Support for New Envato API using Personal Token
  • Added: Support for Envato Support Bundle / Package verification
  • Added: Option to revalidate all purchase codes for selected user
  • Updated: Rewritten code for handling API calls through new object
  • Updated: Improved structure and calls made to main plugin object
  • Updated: Many improvements to the process of verification
  • Updated: Many improvements to the process of revalidation
  • Updated: bbPress profile template shows if item exists and if support expired
  • Updated: Few minor styling changes for bbPress profile
  • Updated: Using Smart Envato API 4.1
  • Fixed: Few problems with revalidation of the purchase codes
  • Fixed: Several minor issues with Legacy API code
  • Fixed: XSS vulnerability with admin side tabs loader

2.5.1 / 2015.04.24

  • Fixed: One instance of add_query_arg() was not properly escaped

2.5 / 2015.03.29

  • Added: API error log file and error display tools
  • Added: Unified Settings panel with inner tabs
  • Added: Search through Customers list by purchase code
  • Added: Option to show hidden Envato API key on admin panels
  • Added: Clear all cached data on plugin update
  • Updated: Using Smart Envato API 3.3
  • Updated: Detection of the connection related errors
  • Updated: Many changes to handling calls to Envato API
  • Updated: Many small interface improvements
  • Updated: WordPress minimum requirement is now 3.6
  • Updated: Translation file missing strings
  • Updated: Masked Input plugin for jQuery 1.4
  • Fixed: Minor issue with bulk edit of forums
  • Fixed: Display of item that is removed from Envato

2.3 / 2014.09.17

  • Added: Tool to clear all Envato API cached data

2.2 / 2014.07.30

  • Fix: Unlinking code from user leaves extra record in database
  • Fix: Problem with escaping SQL elements in the customers grid
  • Fix: Several small code formatting and display issues

2.1 / 2014.07.01

  • Updated: All API calls now include user agent
  • Updated: Using Smart Envato API 2.8

2.0 / 2014.04.10

  • Added: Protection based on any available item purchase code
  • Added: bbPress user profile with list users purchase codes
  • Added: bbPress user profile with form for bulk adding of codes
  • Added: Option to set default marketplace for your account
  • Added: Customers list option to remove any purchase code
  • Added: Customers list option to open user profile page
  • Added: Customers list with more columns with useful information
  • Updated: Settings tab split into two for better organization
  • Updated: Refactoring of CSS and JavaScript files
  • Updated: jQueryUI updated to latest 1.10.4 version
  • Deleted: Removed current balance display from Account page
  • Fix: Unable to add items when creating new forum, before publishing
  • Fix: Several terminology and string translation issues

1.5 / 2013.12.29

  • Added: Handling of the Envato Support redirection URLs
  • Added: Integration with the Forums bulk editor
  • Added: Purchase code steps hidden by default
  • Added: Handle protection of forms with Forum selection
  • Updated: Few changes to display of customers grid
  • Updated: Some minor styling changes
  • Fix: Not showing all items required to visitors
  • Fix: Possible adding of duplicated items

1.0 / 2013.12.11

  • First release