To get support for any of SMARTPlugins products, you can use support forums on this website, or comments for each item on CodeCanyon. Support is available only on work days during normal business hours (10.00 AM to 18.00 PM Central European Timezone). During this period, any support related question will get quick response.

Basic Support Rules

  1. Twitter direct messages and tweets in general can’t be used for support, and all support related question sent through Twitter will be ignored.
  2. Direct emails asking for support will be ignored. SMARTPlugins provides support through official support forums, item comments on CodeCanyon and via contact forms on CodeCanyon and official website.
  3. Before asking for support, please check product requirements and make sure that your system supports it. Make sure to check with browsers support the theme.
  4. Before asking for support, please read the PDF documentation included with each plugin inside the download package in docs directory.
  5. You also MUST use plugins downloaded from CodeCanyon only to avoid unauthorized modifications and make sure that we can help you at all. If you use modified or pirated, hacked versions of our products, support will not be provided!
  6. You must have valid license for a product you need support for We do not provide support for products downloaded or obtained illegally without the purchased license.
  7. Any bugs reported and than confirmed will be fixed in the shortest period possible (typically up to 48 hours), with extra time needed for CodeCanyon to approve each update.

WordPress Plugins Specific Support

  1. If you use modified WordPress (changed some of the core files), and you have problems using the plugins, support can’t be provided. We support use of our plugins with only official releases of WordPress!

What is included with Support

  1. Fixing bugs and other reported issues.
  2. Responding to question about product features.
  3. Responding to questions about product configuration.

What is NOT included with Support

  1. Installation. Installation process is described in documentation, read it!
  2. Configuration. You can ask for help with configuration, but we can’t perform configuration for you.
  3. Customization. We can’t add or code new features or modification of the product for you.

Support Forum

  1. Keep on topic! Questions must be added to right forums, or they will be deleted.
  2. If you don’t have license for a product you need help with, don’t post questions in other open forums. Such topics will be removed.
  3. Check the forum for previously discussed topics to avoid duplicating content, and to speed things up.
  4. You can suggest improvements and new features for products.
  5. There is no guarantee that your features suggestion can (or will) be implemented.