Custom Development

If you want to contact me about plugin or theme development, custom work, customization or some other type of work, please use Contact Page.

SMARTPlugins offer different types of services: from maintenance and review to development of complex plugins or whole websites on WordPress. We do not accept PayPal as a payment method, I prefer wire (bank) transfer as the highly secure and very reliable payment method, payments to Payoneer prepaid MasterCard or payments to Skrill account.

For any custom development, customization you need to prepare detailed description of work that needs to be done. If you need new plugin made from scratch or website created, you must provide detailed project documentation. If your project description is lacking, incomplete or unclear, time needed for the project can be much longer.

For every work I do, I will also prepare user guide file for you.

Custom Development

If you need plugin or theme developed, or you need whole website done, I can help you with any of that. Over the past 6 years I have developed 50 custom plugins for various clients, and over 50 plugins for my own company that are available as free or premium, depending on the plugin. My availability depends on how much is your project interesting, my current work load, while end price for the work is always something we can negotiate. My standard fee for such development is $45.00 per hour. But, depending the size of the project and other factors, this price can be lower. Minimal time allocation for any work is 2 hours. For any work of up to 16 hours, it has to be paid fully in advance. More than 16 hours can be payed 50% in advance and the rest after the job is done.

SMARTPlugins Related Work

If you purchase any of SMARTPlugins plugins and you need some work done to customize them, or setup and configure the plugin, here is more on that:

Plugins Customization

If you need something extra done with these plugins, I can help you with that. Price for such work is $40.00 per hour. Minimal time allocation for any work is 2 hours. Any type of plugin customization has to be paid fully in advance.

Plugins Setup & Configuration

If you want us to install and configure the plugin on your website, price for such work is $100.00 for a one or more plugins on a single website for period of up to 2 hours. If work requires more than 2 hours, it will be charged at $60.00 per hour for everything over 2 hours. This will not include any work on the server configuration, only on installing and configuring plugin in WordPress. If something is wrong with server configuration, you need to ask your hosting company for support on that.

Third party Plugin Customization

If you need me to work on existing projects (fixing your plugins, or plugin you purchased from third party, adding features to tird party developed plugins…), the fee for such development is $70.00 per hour. Minimal time allocation for any work is 8 hours. For any work of up to 16 hours, it has to be paid fully in advance. More than 16 hours can be payed 50% in advance and the rest after the job is done.

Consultation and Training

If you need me in the consultation capacity or you need some personalized training, I am usually available for such work. Consultation can be connected to my WordPress related products, or most anything else WordPress related. And same goes for personalized training. Consultation fee depends on what you need, and how much time you need me on the project. I need more information about what you need to give you the price.

Personalized training include direct contact over Skype (or Google Talk) with use of some VNC, RemoteDesktop based or similar software for screen sharing to allow for easier communication, preview and testing of code. Price for this kind of training is $80.00 per hour, with minimum of 4 hours. For training of up to 16 hours, you must pay the full sum in advance ($1280.00). For more than 16 hours, you can pay 60% in advanced, and the rest after you use up 50% of purchased hours. If you need me to conduct training for more than 2 persons in the same time, fee  goes up 20% for each additional person. If you need more than 32 hours of consultation, price will be lower by another 10%.