Major update to SMARTPlugins

Whole SMARTPlugins network is recreated from scratch, cleaned up from all obsolete things, redesigned to use new theme, new support website with the knowledge base, updated information and plugin data here and on CodeCanyon.

Plan to introduce SMARTThemes is now abandoned. Themes and framework planned is now exclusively available on Dev4Press, and you can check them there. Because of that, this whole network is now condensed and recreated, cleaned from old and obsolete files, blogs and data. Main and Support websites in the network are using Scientia theme.

Main SMARTPlugins website now contains information about all plugins and this blog. Demo website remains as it was, but will soon get new look too. Support website is completely changed and now uses knowledge base to include FAQ and tutorials for various plugins. Knowledge base is integrated with the support forums, includes better interconnection between products, forums and articles. On top of each page you have search box with live results as you type. This way you can easily find the data and help you need. Demos for Smart Audio and Video Playlist plugins remain as they are, but they will soon be updated with extra information. And, I plan to add micro website for Smart Security Tools plugin and addons.

Knowledge base uses GD Knowledge Base Pro plugin and you can read more on this in the post here. Support website uses GD bbPress Toolbox Pro plugin to further enhance bbPress forums. And, to verify Envato / CodeCanyon purchase code forum uses Smart bbPress nVerify plugin.

Information for all products is updated with latest release data, changelogs here on SMARTPlugins. And all product descriptions on CodeCanyon are updated with responsive description design, fixes to information display, links to plugin demos and links inside descriptions in some cases.

In the next few months you can expect more updates to SMARTPlugins website and to some of the plugins where needed.

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