Development progress, 2014 first half

First half of 2014 was very successful for SMARTPlugins, and we have released 10 new plugins via Envato’s CodeCanyon (both JavaScript and WordPress, some as plugin addons), more than 20 updates for existing plugins, number of sales have grown significantly.

SMARTPlugins have 10 new releases this year, and for the first time, we have addons released for existing plugins. Smart Timer and Counter plugin has got 2 addons: LED and Flat skins. One of the new WordPress plugins, Smart AJAX Subscribe has also got one addon: Integration. With most development spend on WordPress, our jQuery portfolio got 2 more jQuery plugins. Most of our plugins have received one or more updates this year. Also, we have new plugin icons and preview images design, and most plugins are updated for this.

And, with more new plugins, more exposure, SMARTPlugins plugins have been more popular. Smart Cleanup Tools and Simple Contact Slider have crossed 250 sales, and few more plugins have crossed 100 sales. Total sales in the first half of this year is grown a lot compared to last year. Number of 4/5 stars reviews have grown, and more users are subscribed to our newsletter and registered in support forum. But, thanks to very well written documentation, there are still very few topics reporting problems. And all so far reported issues are fixed quickly.

This is not all, much more is to come from SMARTPlugins. You can read more tomorrow on plans we have for summer development and beyond.

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