Smart Navigation Widgets 1.5

New update for Smart Navigation Widgets plugin, brings several important bug fixes, improvements to JavaScript and data related function, and adds new widget called Custom Source that can get hierarchy from your own data.

Version 1.5 fixes problems all widgets had when the items per level settings are set to 0. This time this works fine, and if you set it to 0, all items on first or inner levels will be displayed at once. Because of this, few other things also surfaced, and got fixed in this version: level passed to loaded data (almost always was invalid), minor issues with SQL queries for date widget data.

Custom Source widget is for developers only, and it works with any data source, but you need to provide it with 2 functions to feed it data. More on that in the user guide and developers guide PDF’s.

More information with video for plugin can be found on the plugin home page here. You can buy plugin from CodeCanyon for $11.00.

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