Recap: First 6 months of 2013

It was very busy half year with SMARTPlugins, and now it is the time to draw the line and recap all that is done so far. Total of 15 plugins is created with 70 versions released, and almost 500 sales made so far.

First SMARTPlugins plugin was released on December 20 2012. Since that time, total of 15 plugins were released:

  • WordPress: 13 plugins with total of 60 versions
  • jQuery & CSS: 2 plugins with total of 7 versions

Response from the customers so far was great, and all these plugins have average rating of 4.6 from more than 80 votes. Some were accepted better than the others, and these 3 are top ones so far (with full list sorted by sales):

  1. Simple Contact Slider
  2. Smart Cleanup Tools
  3. Smart Navigation Widgets

If you are new to SMARTPlugins, here is a breakdown of our WordPress plugins based on their use:

Administration & Maintenance

Most important here is the Smart Cleanup Tools plugin, it can recover a lot of data from the database lost with unused, orphaned, unlinked data in various tables. If you need targeted cleanup of records left by removed plugins in options table, try Smart Options Optimizer. And if you want to tweak various areas of WordPress, there is a plugin you can’t miss bringing 40 tweaks: Smart Admin Tweaks. You can manage Cron jobs with Smart CRON Tools and you can get more information about your server with Simple System Info. To set your website to use custom SMTP server for sending mail, try Simple SMTP Tools.

Widgets & Navigation

There are several widgets related plugins, starting with our first plugin that can show files and authors from all Envato marketplaces in the form of powerful widgets: Smart Market Widgets. Next one was Smart Navigation Widgets that will add AJAX powered hierarchical navigation for your archives and pages. And, if you need to add widgets in tabs form, powerful Smart Tabber Widget is the one for you.

Fonts, Forms and Index

Smart Web Fonts Control is the powerful currently available plugin for WordPress for integration web fonts (Google and Adobe) or local @font-face fonts. It has easy to use selectors manipulation (font styling and shadows), previews and easy integration. For easy to use forms, you need Simple Contact Slider. It has anti spam protection, 14 form fields, style builder and it hides on the left or right side of the screen. And yes, it is responsive. If you have large number of posts, you would need to index them based on the first letter. And you can do just that with Smart Posts Index. And with Simple Snowfall Effect you can add snow, balloons or whatever floating on your screen.

But, that is not all, new plugins and new updates for existing plugins are still coming in the second half of 2013. 4 or 5 new plugins will be released until the end of this year, and hopefully first theme also.

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