Development plans for May and June 2013

Number of plugin on SMARTPlugins has reached 14 in a period of 5 months, and there are more ideas that will be developed into plugins over the next few months. For now, here is what you can expect in the next 7-8 weeks.

New plugins

There are two new plugins in the works. One is jQuery one, and it should be ready in the middle of June. Another one is for WordPress (Smart series) and that one should be ready by the end of May or in early June. I can’t offer any more information about them at this time, but they both are very interesting.

For the second half of 2013, 4 more plugins can be expected to bring total number of plugins to 20 at the end of this year. Also, there are plans for new theme framework and 2 themes to be released by the end of this year via ThemeForest.

Updating plugins

Roadmaps for several plugins are updated, and they will get new major versions in May and June.

Smart Web Fonts Control will get small update to 1.2 in a day or two, with import and export tools, updated default list of Google fonts (3 new ones since previous version) and display of extra fonts information. But, by the end of May, new 2.0 version is coming with support for local storage fontface fonts.

Smart Cleanup Tools will jump to version 3.0 by the end of May with tools for import and export of settings and jobs, and control over the tools availability. Simple Contact Slider will also get to version 3.0 that will include responsive layout support, tools for import and export of settings, new visual effects and display settings and 5 new color schemes.

Smart Navigation Widget will go to version 2.0 in June with improved taxonomy navigation tree that can show posts also, new taxonomy navigator widget and few other improvements. Smart Market Widget will also get to version 2.0 in June with shortcodes support and display of items previews images.

If you have any suggestions for our plugins, leave comment or use the forums. I can’t promise that everything will be implemented (or when), but I will do my best to update and improve all plugins.

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